As a Board Member or Funder for a nonprofit organization, you may recognize its need for messaging before others do.


You’re outside day-to-day operations, so it’s easier to recognize the need when you hear staff say things like:

"Everyone in our organization talks about us differently, and that’s a problem.""


"We should be connecting with people more quickly."


"What we’re doing is complicated.  We need help explaining it."


"How can we get staff to adopt this new procedure? No one likes to change how they work." "


"Before we launch our new program, we’ve got to figure out how to engage our target audiences." .

We design messages that solve problems.

These are situations where we can help.


We put an internal team through our rigorous 5-step process to elicit the focus, discussion, and decision-making needed for us to design a message addressing the specific challenge.

The challenges that give rise to the need for a strategic message are limitless.


Here are a few situations for which we have developed effective messages:




for each on


Maintaining business in a critical profit center for a professional association.


Gaining nationwide acceptance of a radical new approach to solving a tough social problem.


Increasing support within a major corporation for an important business process.


Empowering staff with language to explain a dramatic change in research focus for an international nonprofit.


Embedding a new disease concept in the public mind for a national nonprofit.


Positioning a 15-country international conference.