Our clients rarely come to us and say,

"We need a message."

More often, they say something like:

"Everyone in our organization talks about us differently, and that’s a problem."

"What we’re doing is complicated and we need help explaining it."


"We need to persuade our staff to adopt new business procedures."


"We want to connect with people more quickly."


"We’re launching a new program, and we need to engage

our target audiences."


If you’re the senior executive of an organization or program, you know that having an outside consultant parachute in and whip off a catchy phrase is not going to achieve the results you want.


That’s why we don’t own a parachute.

We own a unique approach that facilitates you and your team in working through a 5-step process to reveal the knowledge we need to create your message.


The process elicits the clear focus, rigorous discussion and tough decision-making needed to design a message that addresses your specific challenge.

The challenges that give rise to the need for a strategic message are



Here are a few situations

for which we have developed effective messages:


> Maintaining business in a critical profit center for a professional association.

> Gaining nationwide acceptance of a radical new approach to solving a tough social problem.

> Increasing support within a major corporation for an important business process.

> Empowering staff with language to explain a dramatic change in research focus for an international nonprofit.

> Embedding a new disease concept in the public mind for a national nonprofit.

> Positioning a 15-country international conference.